Bend Guard Station

The Lolo National Forest Service’s Bend Guard station is a rental property located 32 miles up Thompson Falls River Road. There is open space around the cabin as well as open forest for some fun snowmobiling in a flat area. There’s plenty of accessible land for longer excursions.

Snowmobiling Prospect Creek Road to Murray, Idaho George through the Forest Series

Each year Montana Highway 471 (Prospect Creek Road / Thompson Pass Road) closes between Mile Marker 20 and the town of Murray, Idaho. When the state highway closes to automobiles it is open to snowmobiles and provides a safe and fun winter wonderland. The road is usually closed to automobiles December 1st through March 1st (though check ahead to verify).

Prospect Creek Road intersects scenic Montana Highway 200 on the west end of Thompson Falls. Head up Prospect Creek Road to Mile Marker 20 where a large snow pile usually marks the end of the road for cars and the beginning of the trail for snowmobiles.

Head over the pass to Murray (about 35 miles) and enjoy spectacular views from the top of the pass and a warm hot coco, burger and fries at the historic Spragpole Inn.

Stop at the Wild Coyote for a beer or Peppermint Schnapps on the way home from a hard day snowmobiling.