SCCDC conducted a feasibility study in 2013 through the Montana Dept. of Commerce, Big Sky Trust Fund for a rural technology center. With historical industries in decline, it is imperative that we look to alternative, less visible economic drivers. The feasibility study identified a number of active remote workers residing part or full-time in Sanders County. The conclusion was a limited need to incur start-up expenses of a facility for the existing workers.

It has been noted that telecommunication resources and utilities serving Sanders County surpass those available in metropolitan areas, from which new residents have relocated.

“I am very satisfied with the quality and speed of Blackfoot’s internet service, it seems better than my service back home in Silicon Valley.”

Frederick A. Van Den Abbeel
VP | Business Attraction
Arizona Commerce Authority

Sanders County provides a quality of life in northwestern Montana that is ideal for people who want to escape the traffic and fast pace of city life. Get an outside perspective on the road less traveled and bring your business here!