The TFCT committee envisions a safe and convenient network of non-motorized trails connecting existing recreation areas, as well as key locations within the community such as schools and downtown Main Street. These connections will benefit our residents, our economy and our environment.

Recreational Trails Program – 2015 Grant Award [click here]


State Park Trail Segment Grand Opening – June 2017 [click here]

Trails Map


The goals of the TFCT are to:

Develop trail systems that provide recreational opportunities and access for a diverse group of users to local parks, waterways, schools, public lands, community event centers and the retail/business district. Access for mobility-impaired users will be a high priority.

The trail system will provide safe, alternative routes to schools and other locales which will result in decreased vehicular traffic and increased use of non-motorized modes of transportation.

The trails will promote community health and wellness and add to the quality of life as well as contribute to an overall healthier environment. Where possible, trails will be constructed in natural settings that are pleasing to the senses.

Trail systems will provide positive economic impacts to the community, contribute to the enhancement of the community as a destination point, and foster community pride.

Implementation of trail systems will consider visibility, ease of access and needs for parking, and will include adequate signage and maps. Trails will be constructed in such a way to not only minimize resource damage and be low maintenance by design, but contribute to resource protection and sustainability. They will serve to foster partnerships with user groups, private landowners, governmental entities and business owners. Trails will provide opportunities for interpretive development (historical, cultural, natural, etc.).

Long-term management of a trail system will include development of a collaborative trail maintenance plan as well as strategies to identify and utilize various sources of funding for construction and maintenance of the trail system.

Click here to download the Trail Plan.