Kootenai Waterfalls

This waterfall has the largest volume of water that goes over a 75 foot falls area in northwest Montana. A short little hike (½ mile) down to the falls is well worth the hike. On this hike there is an additional bonus the swinging bridge across the Kootenai River, just outside Libby. The Movie The River’s Wild was filmed on location here. Travel from-Trout Creek -drive18 miles west on Hwy 200, then turn on Hwy 56 and go 35 miles to Hwy 2 and turn right going towards Libby. On Hwy 2 drive 6 miles, where you will see the parking lot for the Kootenai Falls.

Rock Creek Falls

This waterfall is located on the edge of the Cabinet Mountain Wilderness Area. This awesome hike would be considered easy to moderate. However, we do recommend bear spray or a weapon as a large population of grizzly bears and black bears use this area. This hike is on an old road bed that leads up to Rock Meadows and the old mining camp buildings. There are 3 main water falls along the trail before you arrive at Rock Lake. Moose and mountain goat are often seen in this drainage. Travel from- Trout Creek- drive along Hwy 200 west about 13 miles to Government Road and turn right then go ¾ mile to Rock Creek turn right. Drive up Rock Creek about 6 miles turn right again, drive up to the trail head about 1 ½ miles park, sign in at the trail head, enjoy!

Ross Creek Giant Cedars

This waterfall is located above the giant cedar grove in the proposed Scotchman Peaks Wilderness Area. The Ross Creek Cedars is a large stand of ancient cedars in a moist spring fed drainage. The cedars hike is about ½ mile. The Ross Creek Cedars is an easy to level hike. The Ross Creek Cedar Falls hike is 3 ½ miles uphill along the creek. The hike is moderate and be sure to take a lunch and a book, to relax along the falls. The cedar falls hike is in a wildlife area, so use caution and bring your bear spray. Travel from- Trout Creek- Drive Hwy 200 west 18 miles to Hwy 56 turn right drive 18 miles to Ross Creek Cedars Road turn left and drive to the end of the road (about 3 miles).

Graves Creek Falls

This waterfall is located below Vermillion Pass on Graves Creek Rd. This creek cuts down through a tight rock canyon cutting the bed rock. The hike is 100 yards away from the parking lot on level shaded ground. This is an easy hike, use caution next to the falls since the rocks can be slippery when wet. From Highway 200 take Blue Slide Road.to Graves Creek Rd/Rd 367. Blue Slide Rd is a scenic route between Thompson Falls and Trout Creek. Access it either 1 mile west of Trout Creek or ½ mile west of Thompson Falls.

Vermillion River Falls

This waterfall is tucked down in a heavy timber drainage northeast of Trout Creek. It is short hike down to the falls on the trail and it can be slippery on the rocks. Vermillion Falls is an ideal spot to rest in the heat of the day, very peaceful. It is a moderate hike, trail is short but going down hill then climbing back out of the canyon 300 yards. Travel from- Trout Creek –go west on Hwy 200 to the Blue Slide Road, turn right and drive 4 ¾ miles to Vermillion River Road. Go straight on the turn onto (gravel) Vermillion River Road. Once on Vermillion River road, drive slowly. There are pot holes and blind turns. It is about 12 miles to the falls. Elk, deer, moose and bear live in the Vermillion water shed area.

Yaak Falls

The Yaak Falls is named after the Yaak Indian who once lived in this area of Northwest Montana. Parts of the old wooden bridge still remain just below the falls. A scenic turn allows for easy viewing. Travel from- Trout Creek 18 miles on hwy 200. Turn north on Hwy 56 drive 32 miles to Hwy 2 turn left heading west, drive 8 miles driving towards Troy. Turn on Hwy 508 drive 7 miles. Turn in the parking lot! Enjoy the impressive falls on some of the oldest rocks, 1 ½ billion years old!

Sacred Dancing Cascade Falls

Sacred Dancing Cascade Falls is a series of waterfalls and rapids along McDonald Creek, located about 2.5 miles north of Lake McDonald Lodge in Glacier National Park. The falls can be accessed by a trail, “John’s Lake Loop trail”. This trail is used by a stable for trail rides, (sounds like fun)! If you walk for over a mile you walk the same trail, then the trail branches off to the cascades. Sacred Dancing Cascade Falls is located in Glacier Park 140 miles from Trout Creek. This is a great day trip or a couple of nights out. Use caution after being in Trout Creek with no traffic you will once again see a lot of cars and busses. It is worth the drive!

St. Mary Falls

St. Mary Falls, located in Glacier National Park is a two tiered waterfall with metallic blue water. The hike is a scenic hike with views of the 2 waterfalls. St. Mary Falls hike is a 2 mile hike round trip. Virginia Falls would make it a 3.7 mile hike round trip. We do recommended bear spray and or a hand gun. Grizzly bears and black bears live in this area. 140 miles from Trout Creek is Glacier National Park. Drive to St. Mary visitor center, head west 11 miles on Going to the Sun Road. Watch for a pull off, St. Mary Falls is on the left side of the road. Hike down the trail head, Enjoy!

Baring Falls

Baring Falls is a smaller waterfall; however it is a great day trip hike. Baring Falls, located in Glacier National Park has a great view from above or at the base of the falls! Step behind the falls and look out! Hike from the trail head at Sunrift Gorge, pull off and the hike is about 7/10 of a mile. Again we recommend bear spray and or a hand gun. This is in the same general area as St. Mary Falls, so you can do a combination of the falls hike. 140 miles from Trout Creek is Glacier National Park. Drive to St. Mary visitor center, then drive 10 miles to Sunrift Gorge and pull off. At this pull off you can also follow the short road to the parking lot!

Apikuni Falls

Apikuni Falls is an awesome waterfall that is not viewed from the road. The vertical drop of this waterfall is a little over 145 feet. This waterfall is on a short hike from the trail head at Grinnell Glacier in Glacier National Park. The trail head is shared by Poia Lake and it is over a 2 mile round trip, steep climb. This trail travels through the cliffs and heavy timber. Bear spray and or a hand gun is recommended for this trip as it is Grizzly bear and black bear area. Drive 140 mile from Trout Creek to Glacier National Park, head to Babb Drive, west on Many Glacier Road for about 10 ¼ miles to Poia Lake parking lot and trailhead. Trails are posted to guide you to the right trail!