Business Workshops

Do you know what your business needs are? Do you think that it is time to update your best practices, learn new methods, increase visibility in your target market, and be more efficient? SCCDC aims to assist you strengthen and grow through our business resources. Our business education classes cater to small business owner needs. Additional benefits include networking with other industries and learning more about available resources in our region.

Time: 9am-3pm
Location:  Lake County CDC, 407 Main St. SW-Ronan or MT State Bldg, 2504 Tradewinds Way-Thompson Falls
Cost: Most trainings are $10 for lunch and the workshop is FREE, exceptions apply! Register today, 406-676-5901.

Upcoming Training Schedule

Writing an Effective Business Plan
Ronan - 10/4/2022
Thompson Falls - 10/5/2022
A written business plan helps you control your business rather than letting it control you. Attend this workshop to learn the business planning process and start writing your plan. Discover how to target your market, analyze competitors, and examine your strengths and weaknesses. Learn how to set goals and develop financial projections.

Taking The Next Step: Hiring Your First Employee 
Paradise - 10/27/2016
Quinn’s Hot Springs Conference Center
Taking the next step to grow your business can feel overwhelming and daunting, but you know that you are ready! This workshop was created to provide step-by-step information and resources to assist you through the process. Learn what to expect from the employer costs and responsibilities to best management practices. Call 406.827.6935 to register today! [$60 Registration Fee]

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet I & II
Ronan - 11/9/2016
Thompson Falls - 11/11/2021
An effective class offered to help you gain comfort and a solid understanding of Microsoft Excel. Learn about formulas, functions, data analysis and presentation of data. We present the most useful concepts in one powerful session. Join us to increase your capabilities and double you working speed!

Marketing and Sales On a Small Budget
Ronan - 12/6/2016
Thompson Falls - 12/7/2016
This course will expose students to introductory marketing concepts, approaches, analysis, execution, and provide an understanding of the requirements of a marketing plan. Students will learn marketing applications for an actual business setting and gain practical application of sales and marketing techniques.

Concept to Consumer-Bringing Your Food Product To Market
Ronan - 1/10/2017
Thompson Falls - 1/11/2017
This workshop provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges of starting a food business. The workshop covers an array of topics ranging from label development, packaging, nutritional analysis to core information on food safety and state and federal regulations regarding food products.

WordPress and Web Start-Up
Ronan - 2/7/2017
Thompson Falls - 2/8/2022
Is your business represented on the web? Internet presence for small businesses is a visible foundation for their company information available 24/7. A website is a critical piece of marketing strategy, builds the value of your business and lends to a professional appearance.

QuickBooks I
Ronan - 3/1/2017
Thompson Falls - 3/2/2017
Putting Financial Management to Work for Your Business: a Practical Introduction to QuickBooks.
This course will teach you how to: Manage money coming in and money going out (sales, invoicing, paying bills, and tracking expenses), Reconcile accounts, Use reports to understand your business, including profitability and sales trends.

Social Networking: Making It Work For You
Ronan - 4/4/2017
Thompson Falls - 4/5/2017
Keep your business ahead of the competition through the proper use, strategies and practical application of internet technology. Explore vast social media environments, and promotional programs as marketing elements to benefit your business.

Cash Flow
Ronan - 5/2/2017
Thompson Falls - 5/3/2017
Cash flow is king for small businesses and the self-employed. But planning cash flow is easier said than done. If you’re going to succeed in business, mastering basic cash flow projections is a must. After all, you can be a profitable business yet still have poor cash flow, simply because the cycle of cash in and out of your business isn’t synchronized. Join us to understand and simplify the process.

QuickBooks II
Ronan - 5/17/2017
Thompson Falls - 5/18/2017
This session builds on QB I - Learn more about your company file, chart of accounts, customers, jobs and vendors selling products/services paying for expenses and receiving payments, and managing reports.
We work with small businesses to understand their needs. If you are interested in skills that our current workshop cycle does not provide, please contact us and we can work to develop curriculum that addresses your request.
Please note: Workshop dates are subject to change.